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About Us

Traveliin is the only travel company for the young, free and wild people. It has perfected in the art, love and desire of travel in last years. 150 trips traversing in 6 continents, with the best partners in the business is what it has done till now. Our experience has made us perfect to organize the most amazing tour for long haul and short haul designations especially Europe. We also offer more flexibility through different ways to travel, different ways to choose for stay and endless time and varied options. We know that you only get only one life, one shot. So, for you we make it the best and make it count. At Traveliin we know you’ve got things you’d love to do, places you’d love to see, cultures you’d love to jump into and adventures to experience and remember forever.

We're discovering the countries from the freedom of the open road, and you're in the driver's seat. There's no better way to experience extraordinary vistas, charming small towns, and hidden gems. Explore these curated trips across the globe.

We’re here to help you do them, not just dreaming about them. We’ve been doing this since years.

You can have as much or as little help from us as you want. It’s up to you. We only work with the best specialist tour operators in the world, which is why over 90% of our customers have rated their holiday 4 or 5 out of 5. We’re not bragging – just proud that we do a great job.

Finally, you should know we treat local people with respect and fairness. This pays back by the bucket load because well cared for locals let you get closer to their culture, their people & their nature. Which is good for them and good for you. We call this responsible tourism.

Traveliin is not longest established travel company but is the smartest one in designing customized tour for its valuable customers. We provide a complete travel service to our clients including flights, tours, cruises and hotels throughout the world. We pride ourselves on providing expert and caring advice. Our clients benefit from our travel experiences and just as importantly, know that if they need us, we're here for them at anytime.

What unites us is a love of holidays, a strong dislike of poor customer service, and a desire to make travel a bit more caring through our belief that treating local people and places better genuinely results in our customers having more amazing holidays

You will discover that Traveliin is quite diverse. We use our diversity in and out of the travel industry to address various global concerns. By planning and organizing events, we address current issues such as the environment and international relations. We narrow the gap of misunderstanding between people by promoting international business and cultural exchanges and by serving as a major source of information.

Continually providing a vast array of innovative ideas and quality services, Traveliin commits itself as a leader in promoting the enrichment of mankind and the globalization of the world as we embark on the journey into this twenty first century.