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A breezy way to escape the scorching worries this summer and have you feeling light and staying cool. Travel to best place to beat your stress and city blues. Located in lap of nature and greenery all around this place calms your mind added with a flavour of Happiness workshop that helps to gain Sustainable Happiness.

Looking for an invigorating adventure? We offer a range of activities to help you find your ideal retreat, or create your own!

The Happiness Retreat is an invitation into a powerful life transformation on the blessed ancient land of INDIA. It Awakens the senses and opens up the space for bliss with its heartfelt practices, a harmonious blend of Dance, Singing, Sharing Circles and Happiness workshop in Nature that expand the conscious self and integrate happiness in a sustainable way.

The Path to Happiness Retreat is created with your optimal health and supreme happiness in mind. Joy lives in each of us, but the stresses and rigors of daily life can dampen the flame and isolate us from our true nature. Take the time to reconnect with what really makes you happy, and learn from a team of wellness professionals how to stoke your internal glow and live a life full of delight and exhilaration. The seat of the sublime lies within you, waiting only for you to recognize and live from that place.

Join us for a journey to the core of your being and discover what brings you the greatest happiness … and how to reside in that place.

Perhaps nowhere else on Earth provides a better example of living in a joyful state, than in India. The INDIAN are masters and mistresses of interweaving spirituality, delight, and appreciation into their daily lives. Smiles and laughter abound on this paradise island. Come and learn why.

Let the dance of the newborn flowers move you to new directions of spiritual awakening

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Official Happiness Partner : AhhaLife! : Academy of Happiness :)